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Oklahoma's Oldest & Finest Family Owned Candy Company



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Woody Candy Company
Established 1927

922 Northwest 70th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73116

phone:  405.842.8903
toll free: 1.800.842.8904

Claude Woody, Sr., Founder   

Woody Candy Company was founded in 1927, by my parents, Claude and Lucille Woody. We are the oldest candy manufacturers in Oklahoma.

New acquaintances always ask the same question: "What kind of candy do you make?" My answer is, "The best candy in the world." We use the finest wholesome ingredients and more than 80 years of experience to make the most delicious candies available. No preservatives, just good fresh butter, cream, nut meats and whatever the recipe requires. We make candy the same way your grandmother did, but we make it every day and a lot more of it.

We have trained gift consultants, who carefully guide you in your choices. Selections are packed in tins, boxes and baskets. Our personalized effort and delicious confections will reflect your taste and consideration.

You are trading directly with the manufacturer... no middleman, distributor, or order taking company. That is why we offer you an unconditional guarantee of freshness and 100% satisfaction.

Our gift consultants and family members will be delighted to hear from you.

Claude Woody, Jr.